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Mission Statement

To enrich the musical life of Dublin by introducing a wide audience to the music of the 20th and 21st centuries in an accessible setting, to support young Irish musical talent, and to raise funds for Irish charities in a cost effective manner.
Co-Orch Dublin was set up in 2011, to support Irish musicians, composers, conductors and charities.

Co-Orch is, as its name suggests, a cooperative. This means that all aspects of the orchestra's life are chosen by its members including the concert programmes, dates and partner charities. Where possible, we support soloists and composers based in Ireland and would love to hear from the same. We are also keen to bring classical music to new venues and audiences and insist that anywhere we play has a bar...


Rehearsals take place over the weekend before our concert and generally involve music, chat and cake.


To date, Co-Orch has raised over €110,000 for ARC Cancer Support, the Children's Rights Alliance, Saplings School, GOAL, Spinal Injuries Ireland, Barnardos, The Red Door School, The Laura Brennan Children's Trust, Turn2Me, Focus Ireland, the Immigrant Council of Ireland and Operation Smile.

Our next concert will take place on November 12th, in aid of Inner City Helping Homeless


Board of Trustees:

Mr John Doyle

Ms Naomi Tamblyn

Ms Sara Carroll

Mr Keith Sutherland

Mr Timothy Telford

Ms Emer Meehan

Ms Grainne McFeely

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